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WordPress to Blogger Blogspot Migration and Redirection

It is very easy and simple to migrate a website from WordPress to Blogger in few steps which are explained following

1. First Export a WordPress xml file and save it on your computer

2. Now convert wordpress xml file into blogger xml file by usiny a conversion utility that is called wordpress to blogger conversion utility.its link is here


3. If the wordpress file is big you can split it in small files using a software

The WXR File Splitter v1.52


4. Now when the file is ready than go to blogger and create a new blog or import the file in existing blog as you wish.


5. After importing all posts, now use a wordpress redirection plugin in wordpress domain domain admin and redirect all posts to related blogger posts.


6. Now you have done.

Luky Irani Circus in Faisalabad


Computer Science Notes of Class 6

Q. No.1.   Computer Word is taken from the word__________
(a)  Compute  (b)  Calculation
(c)  Component  (d)  Compare
Q. No.2.  A Computer is an _____________ machine.
(a)  Mechanical  (b)  Electronic
(c)  Chemical  (d)  Biological
Q. No.3.  Computer Accepts ____________ to performs Calculations.
(a)  Data  (b)  Information
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.4.  Computer performs Calculation with very High ____________.
(a)  Speed  (b)  Velocity
(c)  Tolerance  (d)  None
Q. No.5.  Data is a Collection of raw ____________.
(a)  Facts and Figures   (b)  Information
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.6.  Computers are available in ____________shapes and sizes.
(a)  1   (b)  2
(c)  3  (d)  different
Q. No.7.  Information is the processed or ____________data that is understandable by a person.
(a)  Meaningful   (b)  Meaningless
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.8.  Process is any action that is performed on ____________to convert it in to information.
(a)  Data  (b)  Process Data
(c)  Information  (d)  None
Q. No.9.  Computers have High____________.
(a)  Power of Remembering   (b)  Speed
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.10.  The Basic input device is ____________.
(a)  Keyboard   (b)  Mouse
(c)  Camera  (d)  None
Q. No.11.  The Physical parts of the computer that we can see and touch are known as ____________.
(a)  Hardware   (b)  Software
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.12.  Software is a set of ____________.
(a)  Instructions  (b)  Programs
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.13.  Computer after processing produce ____________ result.
(a)  Accurate  (b)  Wrong
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.14.  Input device are used to enter ____________ into the computer.
(a)  Data  (b)  Information
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.15.  Keyboard is known as most common ____________ device.
(a)  Input  (b)  Output
(c)  Communication  (d)  None
Q. No.16.  Scanner is used as an ____________device to enter printed documents into the computer.
(a)  Output  (b)  Input
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.17.  ____________ performs all types of processing on data to produce results.
(a)  Processor  (b)  Microphone
(c)  Keyboard  (d)  None
Q. No.18.  Processor is also known as ____________.
(a)  Main board   (b)  Keyboard
(c)  Mouse  (d)  CPU
Q. No.19.  Central Processing Unit is the main unit which locate____________.
(a)  Inside Computer   (b)  Outside Computer
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.20.  The information obtained from the computer after processing is ____________.
(a)  Result   (b)  Processed Data
(c)  Output  (d)  All of These
Q. No.21.   The main circuit board inside the system unit is also known as ____________.
(a)  Motherboard   (b)  System board
(c)  Main board  (d)  All of These
Q. No.22.   The Brain of the computer is ____________.
(a)  Motherboard   (b)  CPU
(c)  Keyboard  (d)  Monitor
Q. No.23.   The Storage devices are used to ____________data and programs permanently.
(a)  Keep   (b)  store
(c)  Keep & store  (d)  None
Q. No.24.   USB is stand for ____________.
(a)  Universal Serial Bus   (b)  Unique Serial Bus
(c)  Undefined Serial Bus  (d)  Unusable Serial Bus
Q. No.25.   The Soft plastic made storage devices are ____________.
(a)  CD and Hard Disk   (b)  CD and USB Flash Memory
(c)  CD and DVD   (d)  None
Q. No.26.   The Most commonly used output device is ____________.
(a)  Monitor   (b)  Speaker
(c)  Printer   (d)  None
Q. No.27.   The VDU (Video Display Unit) is a term used for ____________.
(a)  Monitor   (b)  Scanner
(c)  Printer   (d)  Speaker
Q. No.28.   Computer fellows the following ____________operations for its working.
(a)  3(Three)   (b)  2 (Two)
(c)  4 (Four)  (d)  5 (Five)
Q. No.29.   Sound is entering by using the ____________ into the computer.
(a)  Microphone   (b)  digital Camera
(c)  Scanner  (d)  Keyboard
Q. No.30.   Speaker is a kind of ____________ device which produces sound output.
(a)  Input   (b)  Output
(c)  Communication  (d)  None
Q. No.31.   Hard disk is a ____________ storage device.
(a)  Permanent   (b)  Temporarily
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.32.   Magnetic plates are used to store data in ____________.
(a)  Floppy Disk   (b)  Hard Disk
(c)  Compact Disk  (d)  Digital Versatile Disk
Q. No.33.   Storage devices perform ____________.
(a)  Storage Operation   (b)  Input Operation
(c)  Output Operation  (d)  Processing Operation
Q. No.34.   Modem is a ____________device.
(a)  Storage   (b)  Communication
(c)  Output   (d)  Input
Q. No.35.   The System unit is called the ____________ of the computer.
(a)  Main Unit   (b)  Input Unit
(c)  Output Unit  (d)  None
Q. No.36.   Windows is a ____________.
(a)  Operating System   (b)  Utility System
(c)  Financial System  (d)  None
Q. No.37.   User name is a ____________name identifying a user.
(a)  Common    (b)  Unique name
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.38.   The First screen that appears when the computer is turned on is known as ____________.
(a)  Desktop    (b)  Notification Area
(c)  Taskbar  (d)  None
Q. No.39.   The Small pictorial object that represents a program is known as ____________.
(a)  Desktop    (b)  Icon
(c)  Taskbar  (d)  None
Q. No.40.   The Icons that located on the desktop are known as ____________.
(a)  Desktop Icon   (b)  Quick Access Icon
(c)  Folder‘s Icon  (d)  None